lunes, 30 de octubre de 2017

Journey - Raised On Radio ( Remastered 2006 )

1. "Girl Can't Help It" 
2. "Positive Touch" 
3. "Suzanne" (Cain, Perry) 
4. "Be Good to Yourself" 
5. "Once You Love Somebody" 
6. "Happy to Give" (Cain, Perry) 
7. "Raised on Radio" 
8. "I'll Be Alright Without You" 
9. "It Could Have Been You" 
10. "The Eyes of a Woman" 
11. "Why Can't This Night Go on Forever" (Cain, Perry) 
12. "Girl Can't Help It" (Live) (Bonus track  ) 
13. "I'll Be Alright Without You" (Live) (Bonus track  ) 

Steve Perry vocal
Jonathan Cain teclados
Neal Schon guitarra
Randy Jackson bajo
Larrie Londin bateria
Bob Glaub bajo
Steve Smith bateria


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